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We control the production process throughout all its stages, therefore we can ensure that the production is manufactured in a very short time. Fast service on the spot — within one hour. The emergency team in the Baltic States — within 24 hours. In Europe — within 72 h. Call and arrange a visit at 29 620 679 or with your VIRTE Technology Consultant.


We use the materials and technologies of the best European manufacturers only. We offer a guarantee for our products from 2 to 15 years with the maximum service life of over 40 years


Butt-welding of up to 2 metres. Pipe mirror welding at slopes. PVC roof welding with a robot machine.

Unique solutions

Imagine something impossible and we will find a unique solution for you. A team of engineers and technologists is at your disposal.

Our company over 15 years of existence

SIA "VIRTE Tehnologijas" started its activity in the field of plastic welding 18 years ago, producing plastic wastewater treatment equipment. During these years, the company, which was established with 100% Latvian capital, has made an important development path. The 1,000 m2 production facility in Limbaži produces a series of plastic products - biological treatment equipment, septic tanks, reservoirs, cellars, pontoons, mendicants or pond level regulators, swimming pools.

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