• Complies with EN12566-1standards
  • Tested by qualified laboratory.
  • Any requested capacity.
  • Fast delivery
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Sewage septics are sewage treatment facilities made in accordance with EN12566-1 standard. Facility has been tested for strength and performance in certified laboratory  according with  EN12566-1 requirements.

Sewage septics options

Model To be used No. of people Capacity. (litres)
VRT1000 Sauna 1 – 4. 1000
VRT2000 Summer house 2-4. 2000
VRT3000 House 5 3000
VRT4000 House 6 4000
VRT5000 Guest house 8 5000
VRT7500 Guest house 12 7500
VRT10000 Guest house 16 10000

Sewage septic system is the best solution for everyone who can install it along with drainfield and for whom operating costs are important.

In- and Outlet ∅110mm, tank ∅1300mm * – Other dimensions available, if necessary.

Operating Principles

Sewer septic is a double- or three chamber treatment facility – settling tank. Capacity of the tank is calculated to keep liquid in tank for at least three days before draining in leach field through the outlet to ensure solids to settle and scum to float. Solids are anaerobically digested, reducing the volume of solids. Thanks to the floating scum crust and properly set up ventilation, odors can not escape from the tank. Liquid in a relatively clear condition flows from the middle of the last chamber into the drainfield.

Installation of each unit can slightly differ, so don’t hesitate to contact our consultant for advice, or to get a standard installation scheme. If you want to get the full service with the installation, “Virte Tehnoloģijas” is certified for pipe and sewer construction work, and can recommend one of our partners throughout the Latvian, Scandinavia, Russia. Ask our consultant for manual of sewer septic system installation.

Operation and maintenance

Facility has no specific requirements for operation and maintenance. Equipment does not emit odor, it is quiet and long-lasting, without requiring major operating costs. Under normal circumstances, the only requirement is to remove the irreducible solids that settle and gradually fill the tank, reducing its efficiency. Maintenance can be realized by sewerage service company. If you’d like us to recommend You for the nearest service providers, contact our consultant, tel. 29620679.