120x270x400cm - 1876 EUR

120x270x500cm - 2036 EUR

120x270x600cm - 2282 EUR

120x270x700cm - 2779 EUR


120x300x400cm - 1915 EUR

120x300x500cm - 2162 EUR

120x300x600cm - 2410 EUR

120x300x700cm - 2686 EUR

120x300x800cm - 3210 EUR


150x270x400cm - 2066 EUR

150x270x500cm - 2312 EUR

150x270x600cm - 2581 EUR

150x270x700cm - 2911 EUR


150x300x400cm - 2088 EUR

150x300x500cm - 2410 EUR

150x300x600cm - 2731 EUR

150x300x700cm - 3054 EUR

150x300x800cm - 3382 EUR


150x345x900cm - 4563 EUR

120x345x900cm - 4310 EUR


* 8 mm material thickness + 25% extra
** Price incl. 21% VAT; EXW - Limbazi, Latvia
*** Delivery price at request

Ask our salesperson

Ask our salesperson

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Raitis Dambergs EN

Mob: (+371) 28393444
E-mail: raitis@virte.lv


We produce the highest quality PP pools from the highest quality Roechling Plastics Polypropylene sheets. With many years of experience and a quality control during chemical tank productions we are able to provide a better quality, appearance and the highest quality and the best looking weld seams to our pools.


By weldingon the manual Butt-welding work bench we achieve the smoothest, the most durable and the best looking weld seams. The manually adjustable work bench allows our workers to achieve the mostprecise welds.


We use the highest quality materials from Roechling Plastics. The materials have an excellent UV resistance and they provide the longest possible lifetime to a pool.


We use the manual Butt-welding work bench, which provides a perfect weld precision, weld quality and weld appearance. We use hand tools from the Swiss manufacturer Leister.


We provide a delivery to your house. Delivery cost is not included in product’s base price. To find out more about delivery fees, please, contact raitis@virte.lv or check our pricelists.

Delivery time

Standard delivery takes from 6 to 8 weeks. A faster delivery can be arranged.


We provide to our clients a warranty and a post-warranty service within 24h in the Baltic States and within 72h in the rest of Europe.


5 mm material – 3 years, 8 mm pool – 5 years; warranty does not cover scratches, mechanical damage and ice damage.

The return policy

We provide a money-back guarantee or to exchange your item for another if the delivered product did not match your order or it was delivered damaged. If you want to return your product for another reason we will try to find another buyer for it or we will redeem it on terms that will satisfy both sides.

Payment options

Payment with a bill, Paypal, Ebay.

Juridical persons and distributors

Please contact raitis@virte.lv or call +371 28 393 444 on workdays from 08:00 till 17:00, GMT+2h