Ball valves

Butterfly valves

Compression faucets

  • with a reducer
  • electric driven
  • automatic driven


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Ball valves
Ball valves for pure water

Slide valves
Waste water valves, options:

  • knife gate valves in cast iron, AISI knife
  • knife gate valves in plastic body, AISI knife
  • knife gate valves in plastic body with plastic knife

Butterfly valves
Applicable for pure water and biogas

Compression –type faucets

  • Applicable for cold water
  • d20; d25; D32; d40; d50; D63

 Plastic tubes (PP) for welding
Applicable hot water
d20; d25; d32; d40; d50; d63

Compression –type faucets with reducer
Applicable for valves of large diameter and dampers or valves with a high pressure

Electrically driven faucets
Applicable for automatic and safety systems.

Automatic driven faucets

Applicable for different types of automatic and safety systems.