Pool Salt 25 kg

Pool disinfection without addition of chlorine: Modern salt water electrolysis for pools and swimming pools with reliable and proven technology

The principle of salt water electrolysis is simple and ingenious at the same time. The pool water is salted up with 3 kg of evaporated salt per m³ of water (usually only once a year, as salt does not evaporate). The salt content is thus only ~ 17% of the seawater, so the salt is barely perceptible.

During the filter operation, the swimming pool water passes through the electrolysis cell, splits the salt in the water, and free chlorine is produced to disinfect the pool water. The system is equipped with a self-cleaning cell. Pool salt water electrolysis provides the fully automatic disinfection and disinfection of your pool.

Advantages of salt water electrolysis:
– very simple and fast installation (also easily possible later)
– Display with the controller can be placed outside the main unit (via available extension cable)
– operation of the Pool salt water electrolysis is possible from a salt content of 3kg salt per m³ water content
– The devices are also suitable for use with higher salinity (up to seawater)
– self-cleaning cell

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