• Pumping stations
  • Standard and customized
  • Up to 3m in diameter
  • 50 years lifetime
Ask our salesperson

Ask our salesperson

Atbildīgais konsultants par šo produktu

Kaspars Mezapuke

Mob: +371 29401346
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Production of pumping stations (standard and customized orders) is one of our everyday worries. Each individual pumping station is calculated for body strength, resistance to the imposition of high level ground water.
“VIRTE Tehnoloģijas” cooperates with the leading Latvian scientists, carrying out the calculations for body strength and durability of every component of the individual reservoir. Our technical capabilities are sufficient to produce the pump stations up to 3 meters in diameter. Body strength calculations are made considering the minimum 50 years of lifetime. Drawings are prepared and agreed with the client for each pump station. Production of pumping station and control of it is carried out in accordance with BS EN 12050 (Buildings and waste water pumping stations – Principles of construction and testing).