• Welding with hand tools
  • Butt-welding of plastic sheets
  • Butt- welding of plastic tubes
  • Offsite service on request
Ask our salesperson

Ask our salesperson


Raitis Dambergs EN

Mob: (+371) 28393444
E-mail: raitis@virte.lv


Rihards Sprukulis

Mob: 00371 29 620 679
E-mail: rihards@virte.lv

Kaspars Mezapuke

Mob: +371 29401346
E-mail: kaspars@virte.lv

  • Palstic welding with hand tools

We use the world’s well-known Leister hand tools. We have a complete range of hot-air hand tools, Extrusion welders of any complexity for plastic’s welding.

  • Butt-welding of plastic sheets

We have  the only movable butt-welding workbenche in the Baltic States. With Butt-welding workbench we reach a higher weld strength, better weld quality and appearance, narrower weld joint, what is especially important for chemical tanks and  breeding pools at fishfarming.

  • Butt-welding of plastic tubes

We have two mobile pipe welding  workbenches for work at our production premises as well as anywhere outside. Welding tools are designed for both pipe connection and welding at angles, so that we can make bends of any configuration.

  • Offsite service

We provide daily service on request and scheduled off-site service. Emergency team in the Baltic States – 24 hours, Europe – within 72h period. Russia and non-EU countries – time of visits to be agreed.