• Fat separator
  • Made in accordance with the requirements of EN1825
  • Equipment has been tested by a notified laboratory
  • A complete testing in accordance with EN1825.
Ask our salesperson

Ask our salesperson

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Rihards Sprukulis

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Fat separator options

Model To be installed Capacity l/sec. Volume ( litres ) Strength class Sn2 Strength class Sn8
VRT-T-HoReCa Under sink 0.1 60 No No
VRT-T-2 Outdoors 2 1100 Yes Yes
VRT-T-3 Outdoors 3 1700 Yes Yes
VRT-T-5 Outdoors 5 2900 Yes Yes
VRT-T-10 Outdoors 10 6000 Yes Yes
VRT-T-20 Outdoors 20 11000 Yes Yes
VRT-T-50 Outdoors 50 29000 Yes Yes
Ind. orders Yes As required As required Yes yes

*For help contact Rihards Sprukulis, tel. +371 29620679

Principles of operation.

Capacity of the facility is calculated with the minimum of 9 minutes contact time for fatty water in separator tank. Waste water tailings settle, light float. Thanks to the crust caused by floating fractions and properly set up ventilation equipment odors can not escape from the tank, but the sewage effluent discharges from the mid section of the chamber.


Installation of each unit can slightly differ, so don’t hesitate to contact our consultant for advice, or to get a standard installation scheme. If you want to get the full package of service, including installation, “Virte Tehnoloģijas” is certified for pipe and sewer construction work, and can recommend one of our partners throughout Latvia, Scandinavia, Russia.

Ask our consultant for FREE manual of fat separator installation.

Operation and Maintenance

Facility has no specific requirements for operation and maintenance. Equipment does not emit odor, it is relatively quiet and very long-lasting, without requiring major operating costs. Under normal circumstances the only need to remove of periodically developed fat is required, what can be realised by any utility company. If You’d like us to recommend You for the nearest service providers, contact here.

If You’d like us to recommend You the nearest service providers, contact our consultant.