Albixon Classic S - maks. Cover 3,17 x 4,20 meters - 3090 EUR

Albixon Classic A - maks. Cover 3.19 x 6.35 meters - 3868 EUR
Albixon Classic Clear A - maks. Cover 3.19 x 6.35 meters - 5054 EUR

Albixon Classic B - maks. Cover 4.15 x 8.5 meters - 5723 EUR
Albixon Classic Clear B - maks. Cover 4.15 x 8.5 meters - 7378 EUR

Albixon Classic C - maks. Cover 5.01 x 10.06 meters - 8131 EUR
Albixon Classic Clear C - maks. Cove 5.01 x 10.06 m - 10318 EUR

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Ask our salesperson

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The advantages of a pool enclosure:

  • Safety: Protection for your children and pets from drowning. An uncovered pool is like an open well / pond. If you fall into a pool with a foil cover, the foil closes like a sack falling down, making swimming impossible.
  • Higher water temperature: With a pool enclosure / pool enclosure, the water is much warmer. The water heats up for FREE from the sunlight and does not lose the heat due to the canopy.
  • Savings: save electricity for the heating of the swimming pool and money for the cleaning chemistry, spend less time cleaning the swimming pool thanks to a canopy.
  • Clean: A swimming pool enclosure reduces the pollution of the water. No leaves, seeds, pollen, insects, etc. more …
  • Weather-independent : Use your pool even in bad weather, wind and rain and extend your bathing season (over 80% of the heat is lost over the water surface)